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At BabajiBook, we nurture a vibrant culture of ownership and creativity. We are looking to hire people who are innovators and go getters.

We would like you to come and work with us and share your unique experience, skills and passion and we believe you can bring them all to BabajiBook for a rich, rewarding career and lifestyle that will surprise you with its breadth and potential.

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    We are hiring CTO on equity basis for our company

    We are doing well in this stage but we want to rebuilt our website, software and application for fast operation, so we can grow quickly.

    CTO can work full time or part time from Ahmedabad / remote location.

    Knowledge require

    • PHP
    • HTML
    • CSS3
    • Android
    • Java

    Experience require: –
    3 years Experience of e-commerce website developer .

    Work Profile:-

    • Design E-commerce website
    • Design android application for seller on our website.
    • Design software for different operations

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